Sandbox Shades

Sandbox Shades

Our Canopies Keep Sand Areas Cool!

shades for silica free sand
This classic 20′ x 20′ shade structure provides sun protection for a sandbox made from recycled plastic lumber.

If your sandbox or sand pit is in a sunny area, the kids playing in them are getting exposed to the sun. Some sun is a good thing, of course, but these days the strength of the sun can overheat little ones and even burn them. On cloudy days, our shades will keep rain out of your sandbox, preserving the sand for longer use.

Our sandbox shades are sturdy yet economical. They’re full commercial-grade, available in various sizes and configurations, including shorter posts. They can cover anything from a tiny sandbox to a large sand pit area. Below, you’ll see basic information about our shade products.

For more details and pricing, please visit our shade canopy website, (this link opens in a new window) or phone our Sales Office toll free at (877) 840-0707.

Our shade structures are available in various designs and sizes for covering sandboxes and sand pit areas.