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Silica Free Sand Sandbox Covers

silica free sand coversSilica free sand is organic and clean, but it should also protected to keep it that way. These sturdy sandbox covers are available in 3 different models. The Vinyl Cover with Weighted Border has no snaps, chains, or hooks — you just place it on the top of the sandbox, and the weighted edges hold it in place! Our standard vinyl coated nylon cover snaps into place on the sides of your sandbox. The polywoven canvas cover protects sandboxes that are made from interlocking plastic timbers. Any one of them is a great choice for protecting silica free sand in a play environment.

Sandbox Cover :: Vinyl with Weighted Border
(for Any Sandbox)
Sandbox Cover :: Polywoven Canvas
(for Plastic Timber Sandboxes)
silica free sand coversNEW! The Got-U-Covered has no snaps, hooks, or ropes! There’s chain sewn inside the flaps, weighing the cover down.
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cover your silica free sandThis polywoven canvas cover attaches to sandboxes made from interlocking plastic border timbers. Sizes available: 4′ x 8′, 8′ x 8′, 12′ x 12′.
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