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Quality of Feldspar Silica Free Sand

Silica free sand is exactly what the name suggests: fine white sand that has no silica and no quartz (silicon dioxide). This sand is composed of feldspar grains. It’s the healthiest, purest, softest sand around. The sand is commercial standard and finely graded, the same kind you’ll find in schools, parks, and daycares. If you’ve ever been to a nice beach in Florida or the Caribbean, it’ll remind you of the fine sand there. Now you can bring it to your commercial or home play area, to your kids’ delight.

Feldspar Sand Colors

This feldspar silica-free sand is available in white fun sand or many different colors: Black, Brown, Brick, Burgundy, Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Emerald Green, Moss Green, Light Green, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fuchsia, Grey, Lavender, Light Blue, Lime Yellow, Magenta, Mauve, Red, Rose, Salmon, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple, Tan, Teal, and Yellow.

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Availability of Feldspar Silica Free Sand

Our feldspar silica-free sand is shipped nation-wide to you, at your place of business or your home. The sand is delivered in quantities and multiples of 2,000 pounds (1 ton). Unfortunately, we do not handle orders smaller than 1 ton. (Note: There are about 1-1/3 tons in 1 yard of sand.)

Prices for Feldspar Silica Free Sand‡

  • 1 ton (eighty 25-lb. bags, on a single pallet) $1,450.00 East Coast, $1,750 West Coast (price is all-inclusive, including motor freight)
    (There are about 1-1/3 tons to 1 yard of sand.) For larger quantities, please fill out our Estimate Request Form or phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707 

†Please note that the silica referred to here is what’s known as “free silica.” Sand contains two types of silica: regular silica and free silica. Excess exposure to free silica may potentially cause health problems. Our sand contains no free silica.
‡Please note that prices shown do not include freight.

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Silica free sand is the healthy alternative for sandbox and
playground sand. It’s the softest, whitest sand around!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Silica Free Sand

1. I’m worried because the sand that I bought has a warning label about cancer. Does sand cause cancer?

In most situations, no. The research studies that have been done about sand and lung problems generally involve continuous exposure to dusty, low-grade industrial sand for years at a time in an environment with little or no ventilation. But when your kids play in sand at the park or at the beach, they’re outdoors, they’re playing for a short period of time, and they’re enjoying sand of a better quality. So, for most kids, the possible health risks of playing in sand are negligible or none at all. After all, you’ve probably been to the beach many times, and you probably spent many hours playing in sandboxes as a kid. Should you be worried? Probably not.

If you’re still concerned, you can order our silica free sand. Or, in your area, shop around for “washed” sand. It is sand that has been mined, screened, and washed, so it has no silt or clay in it. We sell washed sand to many schools and daycares in the Maryland – Virginia – Washington, DC, area, and our customers love it.

What you don’t want to buy is the cheapest type of sand. It’s generally very dusty, and it’s usually used for industrial purposes, like mixing with concrete. If you have a sand supplier near you, spend a little extra and get some better-quality sand.

Finally, to be safe, you could have your kids wash their hands after they’re done playing in sand.

2. Is your silica-free sand really silica-free?
All sand has some type of silica in it — by nature, silica is part of the physical composition of grains of sand. So, speaking technically, there’s no such thing as sand that does not have silica in it. The feature of our sand is, it doesn’t have any bad silica in it.

To be more specific, there are 2 main types of silica: “free silica,” and “non-free silica.” The bad type of silica is the free silica. Our sand has no free silica in it.

In summary, our silica-free sand has no “free silica” in it. (Yes, this is confusing.)

For more information on silica, read the Wikipedia page.

3. Why is silica-free sand so expensive?
Because the sand has been treated and processed to remove certain silica elements. Some silica-free sand is mined in foreign countries and transported to the USA, thus adding to the cost.